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Psychology Essay Examples

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Psychological Perspectives for Health and Social Care

Psychologists uses a range of perspectives and approaches when studying how individuals think, feel and behave. Some researchers may focus on one specific perspective, whilst other researchers study a more diverse approach that may incorporate multiple points of views. Each perspective aims to offer explanations for different aspects of human behaviour. The behaviourist approach’s influence…

Review Of Entwistle’s Integration Of Psychology And Theology

Starting with differentiating that which is wholly a biblical worldview and vigilantly avoiding the “roadblocks” that the readers might mistake as something else other than the essentials of Christian beliefs, the author, Dr. Entwistle (2004) nudges in graduated measures to a clearer understanding of where he intends his reader to reach: which is the integration…

Intelligence and Wisdom

Intelligence is an abstract term whose definition depends upon current social values and scientific ideas. Intelligence is the ability to understand and learn from experience or in other words, it is the ability to retain and acquire knowledge known as mental ability. An intelligent person has the capacity for adequate reasoning, problem solving, learning, communication…



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In-Depth Psychoanalysis

The formation and maintenance of the psychoanalysis frame is important for the function of setting up an ideal emotional relationship with a patient. It is the ability to know how to help the patient by deducing the emotional projections and barriers that are present within the patient’s psyche (Bishop, 1989). The concept of psychic reality…

Self Esteem vs Self Confidence

Have you ever truly been proud of yourself? That is the reason I think self-confidence is better than self-esteem. Having self-confidence is better than having self-esteem, because you earn self-confidence, and are given self-esteem. For example if someone compliments you on your looks or for a job well done it boosts your self-esteem. When you…

My Ophidiophobia

I don’t think that I’ve never had a time in my life when I was not afraid of snakes. To me there is nothing more freighting than this crawling, scaly, unblinking reptile that man has abhorred since the beginning of time. The subfield that is primarily connected with phobia is psychoanalytical psychology, behavioral psychology and…

Perceptions and Causes of Psycho-pathology

Psychopathology is the study of mental illness or disorders. Abnormal psychology is the study of understanding the nature, causes, and treatments of mental illness. This paper will discuss Psychopathology, give an overview of how culture is a factor determining the expression of psychopathology. Next the causes of psychopathology using the biopsychosocial models will be discuss…

Phineas Gage Paper

There are many cognitive functions that the brain performs on a daily basis. People can survive with traumatic brain injuries or strokes and still function to a point. The brain is an amazing organ that can be resilient and bounce back from brain injuries due to an accident or stroke, depending on which areas of…

Psychological Assessment

Organisations worldwide are currently facing increasing competition, price pressures and slowergrowth rates and in order to be successful, for many organisations, this prompts the need to constantly change to survive. Having the right employee fit-for-purpose is imperative to the success of an organisation faced with such challenges. The use of psychological assessment is a key…

Analyse Your Own Strengths and Weaknesses in Counselling Skills

Use your work from P3 and analyse (consider in detail) it e. g. what are your strengths in counselling skills, why you think they are your strengths and where do you use them. What are your weaknesses, why do you think they are your weaknesses and what can you do to turn them into strengths….

Text Questions Psychology

1. What is the focus of community psychology? Community psychology focus on dealing with mental health and social welfare issues within the community setting. 2.​ List three medical services that a psychiatrist can provide but a psychologist cannot. Human factors psychology, health psychology and community psychology. 3.​Mid-20​ century humanism was a reaction against an earlier approach in psychology….

Research Methods in Psychology

The purpose of the sections of a research article should start with a title, author, and contact information. The Abstract is next; this is a summary of the article. The summary provides an general idea of the article, which is helpful to establish if the article is significant to the reader’s investigation. An abstract will…

Erik Erikson’s 8 Stages of Man

1. Trust vs. Mistrust- This mother displays affection, and adequate care giving to her child. By providing a child with this throughout their first year of life, you show that they can depend on you. This forms a bond of trust between mother and infant, rather than mistrust. 2. Autonomy vs. Doubt- This child is…

Format For Case Study Assignment

The exercise calls for an analysis of the external environment using appropriate strategic models and frameworks (such as the PESTEL Framework, Five Forces Framework and Industry life Cycle Model), which will be discussed at class lectures and tutorials. This section also requires the identification of the Critical Success Factors for the industry. Finally, deriving from…

Brand case Study

Since opening in a suburb of a major metropolitan area two years ago, Pablo’s Pepper Pizza has consistently had a huge line of customers waiting for a table. Pablo, the owner, attributes this to his strong belief that customers are entitled to high quality food at inexpensive prices. His brand promise is to consistently create…

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